Beautifully engineered
with Purpose

A solution that entertains your customers and blends, cleans, and services all on its own. Maximize profitability per square foot with a turnkey, interactive guest experience.

LED Header

Frost-free freezer glass

Custom Minus Forty Merchandising Freezer

Wood Freezer Bottom

Bamboo Straw Holder

10" Touch & Display Screen

Automatic Glass Door

Self Sanitizing

Transparent Blending

Barcode scanner

Sleek and

Designed with simplistic intention and stress tested for durability, smoodi’s proprietary smart blender is meticulously crafted with state of the art automation technology.

Installation Requirements

Fresh water line for 3/8" push-to-connect fitting (with 60+ psi)

Open drain within 6'

Standard 110V electric plug

Stable & private internet connection

40" of counterspace


Micro markets, offices, and more

Point of Sale Integration

No cashier required

App enabled

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