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Where can I find smoodi?

We are currently serving the Northeast and the Carolinas and are planning to launch additional regions very soon. 


You are not in my region yet, when are you planning to launch here?

We prioritize our next launches based on pre-orders. If you want your region to be next, please make sure to pre-order soon.


How fast can I get a smoodi system?

Our standard lead time is 3 months from the moment you pay the deposit. In some cases, we can move faster for a pilot. However, given the current global supply chain challenges and our growing waitlist we recommend you order as soon as possible to avoid any additional delays.


Do I need to purchase the blender?

No, we offer both a purchase model and a lease model (minimum lease is 12 months). We can also put you in touch with an equipment financing provider in case you would like to own our blender but don’t want to invest the entire CapEx upfront.


Do I need to get a freezer?

No, we can work with your existing freezers. However, we have seen across various deployments that our suggested smoodi setup consisting of our blender and the customized MinusForty countertop freezer performs better as it looks consistent and makes the user experience much easier. We do not charge any mark-up on the freezers from Minus Forty, on the contrary, we are actually providing the smoodi header sign and the freezer footer with a tray for our bamboo straws free of charge. We also developed custom smoodi gravity shelves that work perfectly with our cups so that your staff doesn’t need to do anything apart from restocking the freezer 😊


How do you handle servicing of your smoodi machines?

We have dedicated team members in each region we serve to take care of any technical challenge you might encounter. Our monthly service plan includes parts, labor as well as sanitizer refills and filter replacements.


What makes smoodi unique?

We offer smoothies that are actually good for you: no added sugar, all natural ingredients, blended right in front of you! All our ingredients are flash frozen fruits just after harvesting, resulting in the highest nutritional value and the delicious taste you know from our smoodis. 


We perfected our equipment so that no human operator is required, no parts or tubes to take off each day for cleaning. Our machine is fully self-cleaning and self-sanitizing. Sounds unreal? Try it out! 😊


Is your smoodi system proprietary?

Yes, we filed several utility patents for our self-serve smoothie store in a box as well as on our new, innovative packaging.


Where can I find nutritional information for each flavor?

Nutritional information can be found on all our cups as well as in our smoodistore (last picture for each flavor in the smoodi Flavors section)


What’s the shelf life of the smoodis?

The shelf life of our smoodis is two years if you keep them frozen (below 0F) at all times. Therefore, make sure you store them in your freezer as soon as you receive them. We recommend selling/consuming the smoodi within a couple of months as the frozen supply chain will be most likely broken when consumers open and close the freezer in your location.


How many flavors do you currently offer?

We kept it simple for now and only offer our three most popular flavors, a berry one, a tropical one and one for breakfast with spinach and matcha. 


What’s inside each smoodi cup?

All our smoodi’s only contain all-natural ingredients, flash-frozen at peak ripeness. We handpicked our farms for best taste and quality. The specific ingredients in your smoodi cup will depend on each flavor:

  • Brain Boost: bananas, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries

  • Green Energizer: bananas, mango, spinach, matcha

  • Tropical Vibes: mango, pineapple, coconut flakes


What does your partnership with Partnership for a healthier America entail?

Our mission is to empower healthy habits. Similarly, Partnership for a healthier America, whose chairwoman is Michelle Obama, promotes healthy food options in schools and convenience stores. With each smoodi sold we contribute to PHA’s missions. We always look for partners that align with our own mission and hope we can make a positive difference in this world.


Why is there a fingerprint in your logo and on all the fruits?

Our fingerprint stands for customization, we see our smoodi system as a platform for any kind of healthy nutrition that should fit your needs and restrictions. We want you to put your fingerprint on your smoodi.


Is your packaging reusable?

All our packaging materials are 100% recyclable. We also provide reusable, 100% bamboo straws. Just put them in your dishwasher and you can continue to use our straws at home. We want to have appositive impact on our world.


I have more questions, how can I contact you?

Please feel free to reach out at any time:

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